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MTEK Sciences is a bespoke health research firm specializing in innovative solutions to make the most of real-world evidence (RWE). We harness the latest advances in Bayesian analytics and simulation techniques to create synthetic control cohorts, microsimulation health models and highly efficient clinical trial designs.


Our primary investigators and senior scientists have their roots in both academia and industry, and together with our researchers, make up a dedicated and proficient multi-disciplinary team. We have extensive experience in academic research, with over 800 peer-reviewed journal publications authored by our directors alone. Our analytic experience is similarly vast, including involvement in over 200 clinical trials spanning observational and pre-clinical work all the way to comparative efficacy and post-approval trials. Emphasizing our philosophy of leveraging the most from existing evidence, we have developed bespoke methods to generate synthetic control arms, augment existing control data and generate patient-level microsimulations of complex disease pathways. Finally, we have considerable experience in multinational institutional regulation, having supported over 40 regulatory submissions for investigational products and lead the development of WHO guidelines, GRADE and PRISMA guidance alongside expert review of the European Commission and Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH).

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