Edward Mills PhD, FRCP Edin. 

Founding Partner, Director

EDWARD MILLS is co-founder of MTEK Sciences, a specialty consulting firm focusing on Bayesian analytics and adaptive design issues for clinical research.  He leads clinical trial services for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is a Professor at McMaster University Department of Health Research Methods, Impact, and Evaluation and the University of Rwanda, School of Public Health. He is trained as a Clinical Epidemiologist and Statistician and has spent the past twenty years leading large clinical trials and mega-cohort evaluations, particularly on issues relevant to resource-limited settings. Edward has worked extensively with the World Health Organization setting new guideline processes and has published more than 400 peer-reviewed scientific articles and several books. In addition, he has developed software for Bayesian analysis of clinical trials and prospective adaptive trials.


Kristian Thorlund PhD

Founding Partner, Director

KRISTIAN THORLUND is a founding partner and director with MTEK Sciences. He is a co-lead of Trial Services within the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in which capacity he has led the design of several efficient platform adaptive trial designs to optimize resource allocation and portfolio success. Kristian also serves as a professor of biostatistics at McMaster University where he teaches the world’s first-ever graduate course on adaptive clinical trials. Kristian is a world-renowned biostatistician. He ranks among the top 1% highly cited researchers internationally in the past decade, has published several hundred peer reviewed research papers in medical and statistics journals, and frequently advises ministries of health on both discovery and delivery of healthcare. His research focuses on Bayesian statistical methods, innovative clinical trial designs and global decision-making. Kristian previously served as a founder and managing partner of Redwood Outcomes (acquired by Precision Medicine Group, November 2015), the world’s-leading provider of network meta-analysis. Prior to founding Redwood Outcomes, Kristian also held an appointment as visiting professor at Stanford University.










Jonas Häggström, PhD 

Chief Scientific Officer

JONAS HAGGSTROM is the Chief Scientific Officer at MTEK Sciences. He is an internationally experienced statistician with 20+ years of experience in the life science field. He is the data science lead for the Quantitative Science Department at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in which capacity he leads all quantitative work done by the data science group. He also serves as an expert evaluator to the European Commission. Jonas is a recognized expert statistician with extensive experience across all phase in drug development, and a proven impactful leader that frequently gives input to regulatory authority Interactions, drug development strategies, statistical methodology, and quantitative decision-making. Jonas’s previous positions were located within academia, industry and non-profit organizations including, Neuroscience Therapy Area Statistical Expert (Neuroscience Biostatistics TA Head) at AstraZeneca, Head of Biostatistics and Programming Europe at Cognizant, and Senior Statistician at Genentech.




Paul Arora, PhD 

Director of Epidemiology

  • Extensive experience in the application and development of knowledge synthesis and decision analysis.

  • Assistant Professor status appointment at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto in the Division of Epidemiology.


Dr. Darren R. Brenner

Director, Oncology

  • Expertise in conducting observational and intervention research on chronic disease risk and survival particularly within oncology.

  • Completed postdoctoral fellowship at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO).



Ofir Harari, PhD

Associate Director of Statistics

  • Trained statistician with extensive experience in data analysis, statistics, computational methods, and non-infectious disease mapping.

  • Completed his postdoctoral tenure at the University of Toronto.


Alind Gupta

Machine Learning Specialist

  • Expert in probabilistic modelling and traditional machine learning techniques for mining heterogeneous real-world datasets.

  • Uses methods for Bayesian network structure learning to develop reasoning and clinical decision support systems.




Louis Dron, MSc

Associate Director of Clinical Epidemiology

  • Expertise in health technology applications, research methods, biomarkers, and medical diagnostic assessment.

  • Prior senior clinical scientific and departmental lead for NHS diagnostics and interpretive analyses.







Jay Park, MSc, PhD(c)

Associate Director of Trials Research

  • Expertise in adaptive and efficient clinical trial designs and systematic literature reviews.

  • Instructor on the worlds first adaptive clinical trial design course at McMaster University: HRM 771.














Hinda Ruton, MSc, PhD(c)


  • Expertise in data science, research methods, program management and evaluation of health program and policy.

  • Led a US$150 million program aiming to build the capacity of health professionals in Rwanda.












Marie Paul Nisingizwe, MSc, PhD(c)

Statistician and Mixed Methods Researcher

  • Trained statistician with experience in qualitative data analysis and health systems research and evaluation.

  • Research interests include access to medicine and health services in low and middle -income countries and health policy evaluation methods in resource-poor settings.




Gerald Smith, MSc


  • Trained statistician with expertise in clinical trial simulations using frequentist and Bayesian methods and statistical modelling using traditional regression and unique machine learning techniques

  • Prior experience creating predictive statistical models for clients in the sports industry.






Grace Hsu, MSc


  • Trained statistician with experience in machine learning, MCMC, data analysis and consulting.

  • Master's degree in statistics from SFU focused on fast model emulation and calibration.










Justin J. Slater


  • Expertise in survival analysis, applied time series, and Bayesian modelling

  • Has acted as primary statistician on 10 observational studies in a variety of areas, including acute kidney injury and the opioid crisis.






Devon Boyne

Research Associate, Oncology

  • Expertise in development and validation of clinical prediction models and the identification of optimal dynamic treatment regimes using real-world evidence

  • Experience with G methods, propensity scores, instrumental variables, and directed acyclic graphs











Ellie Siden, BA

Research Coordinator

  • Experience with project management and literature reviews


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